About Us

Rayka Alton Belt Company in 2006 by obtaining a license from the German Continental Connecticut Company in the form of a development plan and with the aim of producing all kinds of timing belts, alternators and coolers and propellers for domestic and foreign cars and with the intention of providing service in the industry sector and preventing the import of the above products It was built to the country and create job opportunities and exports, and its first phase was put into operation in August 2009, with the ability to produce all kinds of timing belts, dynamo grooved belts, and propellers with modern European technology. During the past years, this company has obtained the approvals of domestic and foreign car manufacturers including Iran Khodro – Saipa – Bahman Group – Peugeot Citro├źn France and ISO TS and ISO 9001 quality management certificates from IMQ Italy as the main supplier of car manufacturers’ production lines. to do

In continuation of the growing trend of this company and the implementation of development plans by purchasing production machines, increasing the production capacity and increasing the depth of internalization, as well as equipping the laboratory unit, the second phase was also launched and put into operation in 2014.

By following organizational policies and with full capacity, Raica Alton Belt Company is seeking to complete the next phases and become the largest supplier of all types of belts in the Middle East and Asia with European standards and modern technology.

Raika Alton Tesme company is working hard, friendly, serving employees, educated and caring managers, so that in the near future, leaving the country’s automobile industry, it will shine as a lasting name and be a model for the youth of the present and future generations, so that with the support of this May the holy system take long and effective steps in advancing the goals of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and sustainable and all-round development.

This company is trying to offer its services to customers with the best quality and the shortest time by using the expert, experienced staff and the maximum coverage of the network of sales representatives and after-sales services throughout Iran.